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I'm an iOS/OSX Developer

This site is still under writing.

About me

Hi guys! I'm an iOS/OSX developer based on Japan and Philippines. I know I'm an old guy but I still like writing code than project management. I also likes build Gudam plastic models and cooking some foods. And I love drink with friends. I'm a dad of 2 daughters. ;)

Naokits *nk = [[Naokits alloc] bornFrom:1966];
[nk writeSomeCode]
[nk buildSomeGundam];
[nk cookSomeFood];
[nk playWithDaughters];

Programming Language

I have experience over 20 programing language, but following language is currently available.

Using Services

My Environment

current environment

I lost iPhone3GS and iPodTouch 4G ...

My Interested in ...

Joined Projects

Sorry, most project had NDA, so I can't public to those projects information.

My Apps